The Top Careers After Military Service: How To Excel

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In the following blog, Michael Evans, Educational/Vocational Specialist, Registered Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, CLS Counselor, explores the best career options after military service and offers guidance on how to succeed in each one.

The Top Careers  for Veterans After Military Service

Transitioning from military service to civilian life can be daunting for veterans. However, with the right guidance and determination, it’s possible to excel in a variety of career fields.

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Information Technology (IT)

Get ready to thrive in the world of Information Technology (IT). Your military background has honed your technical skills and problem-solving mindset, making you a powerhouse in this sector. The IT field offers many paths, from cybersecurity to software development. With the growing demand for IT professionals, your military discipline and strategic thinking give you an advantage in this digital race.

Embrace the challenge, use your skills, and carve a path in IT that displays your strengths and fuels your passion for technology and continuous learning. With your military training and unstoppable drive, you are perfectly equipped to lead the charge into this exciting frontier.

Government and Defense Contracting

For veterans who want to combine their love for their country with their career goals, government and defense contracting offer many opportunities. Your military experience has not only taught you about national defense but has also given you valuable skills that are sought after by government agencies and private contractors. You can use your firsthand knowledge of strategy and operations to help shape the nation’s future policies or oversee projects that protect its security.

Your expertise is highly valued in roles such as security analysis and logistical planning, giving you an edge in a competitive field. This is not just a job; it’s a way to continue your dedication to excellence and duty in a new mission. Embrace this chance to make a real impact and show that your contributions to national security and prosperity extend beyond your military service.


Are you ready for a challenge? The field of engineering is looking for Veterans with your unique skills. Whether you specialized in mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering during your time in the military, your experience has given you problem-solving abilities and technical expertise that sets you apart. In engineering, challenges are opportunities to innovate and make progress.

Your ability to handle complex situations and manage projects effectively makes you a top candidate in a forward-looking industry. Imagine using the precision and strategic thinking you developed during your service to create cutting-edge technologies or design resilient and clever infrastructure. Engineering is not just about finding solutions; it is about leaving a legacy of innovation and improvement. Your military background is not just valued here — it’s vital.


Embracing entrepreneurship means using the skills and qualities you developed during your military service to carve out your own path. Your resilience, strategic planning, and leadership abilities are the foundation of a successful entrepreneur. Leading a team and turning a vision into reality requires the same discipline and determination that defines your military career. Entrepreneurship is challenging, but so is serving your country. It demands courage, adaptability, and unwavering commitment, qualities you’ve already demonstrated.

Your mission as an entrepreneur is to innovate, disrupt, and build, creating ventures that reflect your passions and impact the world. With a strong work ethic and strategic mindset, you are well-equipped for success in the entrepreneurial battlefield. Let your veteran’s spirit guide you, turning challenges into victories and dreams into legacies.

Skills To Highlight

Your military experience has provided you with valuable skills sought after in civilian jobs. Traits like discipline, leadership, and the ability to perform well under pressure are not just words on your resume; they make you stand out in any industry. You can use these skills to excel in meeting project deadlines, inspiring teams, and handling high-stakes situations. Your military background gives you a competitive edge in fields like management and project coordination. It’s time to take advantage of your unique skill set and make a powerful impact in the civilian workforce.

Transitioning from military to civilian life means using your experience to succeed in a new way. It’s not just about getting a degree or certification; it’s about gaining new skills and knowledge that will move you forward. Each course, workshop, or training program you take is a step closer to unlocking great opportunities. You are thriving and ready to conquer civilian work with every lesson learned and skill acquired. Approach this mission with passion and commitment, and see how education and training become your most powerful allies in charting a successful path forward.

Looking for Help With Your Post-Military Career?

Have you been struggling to get your civilian career started since separating? Our Service Member, Veterans and Family (SMVF) Program offers support and resources that can help, including help getting your post-military career started.

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