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Mental Illness and Genetics

A mental illness can have a major impact on your life, so it’s understandable if you’re worried about developing one or passing one on to your children. Maybe you have a close family member who has a mental illness that you’ve heard “runs in families” and you’re wondering – is mental illness genetic?

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I Feel Like the Longer I Do This Work, the Less Empathetic I Become – Should I Be Worried?

Maybe when you first started out as a clinician, you found yourself thinking about your clients outside of work – worrying about them, wondering if there was more you could do to help, or if there was a better way that you hadn’t tried yet. But after years of working in mental health, it might feel harder to feel empathy for your clients. You may have heard about compassion fatigue, but there is another condition many clinicians experience at one point or another – empathy fatigue.

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Leaving the Military Affects Family Members Also

When a service member prepares to go on a deployment, do a PCS move, or transition out of the military, they are required to go through several levels of discussions and counseling to make sure they are prepared. Military spouses and children rarely receive the same level of training to prepare for major life transitions. Sometimes, there is no formal support or program in place at all! But your family can find support through the SMVF Program at Region Five.

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When Your Clinician Work Starts To Affect Your Homelife: 8 Tips for Coping

Clinical work isn’t for everyone. It can often be hard to hold the stories you hear and the pain you see people experience. Sometimes, you just can’t get that one client out of your head, wishing there was more you could do to help. When you need to talk about it, it’s tempting to turn to those closest to you. But these familiar people in your life may not be the best ones to help, and keeping your work and homelife separate is crucial for your long-term wellbeing.

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