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Veteran and Transition Support in the Tidewater Region of Virginia

Leaving the military and returning to civilian life is a time that many service members look forward to. After all, you’ll be reuniting with your family and friends and starting a new chapter in your life. A fresh start can be exciting, but can also come with a lot of stress and uncertainty. If you’re struggling with making the transition from military to civilian life, veteran transition support can help.

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Military Transition: Finding Social Support as a Civilian

Military life comes with unique challenges and one of the most difficult actually comes at the end of service. If you’ve found that leaving the military and making the transition back to civilian life has been harder than you thought it would be, you’re not alone: nearly half of Veterans say that their transition was more difficult than they expected. Transitioning Veterans often face several common challenges, including a lack of social support. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. You can find the support you need to transition successfully – if you know where to look.

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How Virginia Workplaces Can Improve the Mental Health of Their Employees

The restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic led to changes in our culture, especially in the workplace. We saw shifting ideas about work and home life, along with the normalization of working remotely. While stress and anxiety levels did go up during the pandemic, job satisfaction also increased. Understanding the factors behind that increase can help you to improve your employees’ job satisfaction and, in turn, their performance.

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Virginia Teens & Suicide

In 2022, the annual Virginia school safety audit found that 13% of Virginia high school students (27,946 students in total) have seriously considered suicide in the last 12 months. What can you do, as a parent, do about this mental health crisis?

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