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Smart911: Your benefits and how to access

Protect Your Family with Smart911

Imagine if you called 911 and the first responders already had access to important information about you and your household. Smart911 allows citizens to provide the additional details that 911 call takers may need in order to assist them during an emergency.

Safety profiles can include:

  • The number of people living in the household
  • Home, mobile and work phone numbers of all residents
  • Any medical conditions or medications used by members of the household
  • Any type of physical or mental disability
  • Hazardous materials on the property
  • Pets in the home
  • Vehicle details in the event of an accident
  • Emergency contact information

Smart profiles are kept confidential and secure and are only available to trained dispatchers in participating 911 centers across the country. All fields are optional and the Smart911 service is free.

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